We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called it as memories. Some take us forward, they’re called it dreams.

Yet, when time passes; Memories Fade; Feelings Change; People leave. But Our Hearts Never Forget.

What we print out will stay at least a generation.

AdaMoment is aimed to help you to preserve your memories for life.

Browse our gift collections by occasion, price, or personality to make your online gifts shopping experience more streamlined than ever before. Take the stress and frustration out of shopping for any upcoming holiday without battling the crowds, and find gifts your loved ones will treasure for years to come on


Memories can be sweet, warm, touchy; some are honorable and unforgettable. All these moments can cheer up our life when we down, boosts our energy up when we restless.

If there were a valuable token to exchange for it, we were reluctant to do so. Because we know those moments are priceless. We, ADA MOMENT aim to help you to preserve your memories for life through our professional way to print it out, to deliver the in-depth feeling in bottom of heart into nice memorable picture gift product.

We make your moment as a loveable gift for your loves one to cherish every moment with he/ him.



There are never too much for you send something unique personalized gift to shower your loves one.

The effort, the creativity, the idea, the time which sculpt this gift is way more value than other items for you to spend for her / him. This is the only special gift belongs to you to deliver this special and meaningful message to the love ones.

The HOT Stuff from Ada Moment, customize and personalize T shirt is the best idea for it. You decide your own style, you have the choice to opt for the style which only belongs to both of you.

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A typical Pisces, she is mysterious, spiritual and imaginative. This attractive creative director is a dreamy but yet idealistic and romantic oriented when come to the sorting of ideal personalized gifts for one’s need. She incorporates her experience and personal philosophy to the make the gifts lively and lasting impression. Her selection of personalize gifts definitely won’t let you down. She believes a lasting impressive gift keep the memory for life.
The value of one’s memory for life is way higher than the value of the product itself.

Guru Aurora

The 80’s Kampung boy who is still a shy and social awkward guy when he met his first love few years back. He was trying very hard to wins her heart before they happily tie the knock and stay sweet and loving until now. His secret? Don’t hide your feeling behind. Always charm her and compliment her, let her know how much you miss her OR love her. You will make her day by just compliment her with a caring or touching statement.
Guy, at some point in your life, if you want something passionately enough, you will have to go after it.

Guru Yasir


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