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Couple Tshirt – Love Bird

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  • Stay comfortable all day with the Gildan's Short-Sleeve T-Shirt.
  • Gildan's Short-Sleeve T-Shirt provides the soft breathable layer that you need.
  • Built to hold up wash after wash, without shrinking or tearing.
  • Wide-cut arms ensure your arms don't become constricted.
  • Features a ribbed neck for added comfort and ease of wearing.
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 175 g/m² for white
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  • Stay comfortable all day with the Gildan’s Short-Sleeve T-Shirt.
  • Gildan’s Short-Sleeve T-Shirt provides the soft breathable layer that you need.
  • Built to hold up wash after wash, without shrinking or tearing.
  • Wide-cut arms ensure your arms don’t become constricted.
  • Features a ribbed neck for added comfort and ease of wearing.
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 175 g/m² for white

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2 reviews for Couple Tshirt – Love Bird

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